Football Challenge App

Plama Football Challenge App


The main goal of the project was to create a tool to replace the long process of arranging football events by phone or e-mail, in order to simplify and shorten it.

Our work on the project concerned the creation of a mobile application for Android and iOS systems in React Native technology. The application has integration with Facebook and Google Auth, which allows users to create an account using external social accounts. We were also responsible for creating API with which the mobile application can communicate. The application has also been integrated with Firebase system to send personalized push notifications.



FCapp – Football Challenge App is a mobile application that allows football enthusiasts, coaches and fans to enjoy playing together. It allows you to find nearby teams and football events. Filtering tools help you find the most interesting ones, and thanks to a simple interface we can arrange a joint match or tournament.

Rafał Warchoł / Chairman of the Board FCAP

AKANZA has fulfilled the contract perfectly. Professionalism, commitment and flexibility allowed us to create a product that meets all our requirements. AKANZA is a conscious, open and willing to cooperate.

Rafał Warchoł / Chairman of the Board FCAP

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