Plama Intermed


Development work on the Intermed project concerned the creation of a desktop application, for which we used the Laravel framework. The most important parts were creating an application that synchronizes with the facility’s database via API and creating a complex message module. Additionally, the application uses API Przelewy24 and SMSAPI.



Thanks to the application, the patient saves time on registration or waiting for an appointment, because at any time, he or she can choose a doctor from the facility and create an online consultation. The patient can use SMS or e-mail notifications to find out the answer from the doctor as soon as possible. All data is synchronized with the facility’s database, so when going to the facility in person, the doctor can also view the online consultation.

Michał Bonczar

Akanza company, which created for us the system of Online Consultation is a staff of extremely professional, qualified but above all caring about details programmers. The cooperation was without any reservations – the gentlemen working on our project were paying attention to even the smallest details that hardly anyone would have thought of! Quick answers, sensible solutions and the whole thing made very aesthetically and functionally. We highly recommend it!

Michał Bonczar