Plama mBiuro


The development work concerned the creation of a mobile application in React Native technology for Android and iOS. We also had a significant impact on UI / UX. Our task was to integrate the application with OneSignal system providing advanced push notification tools.



mBiuro is a mobile application for clients of the ICN Finances accounting office, which has a clear and modern interface, facilitating the use of the application. Within one application we have access to the status of all our companies using the services of an accounting office.

Main functions:

  • Possibility to add cost and revenue documents
  • Automatic OCR of transferred files
  • Preview of financial information such as monthly and quarterly revenues and costs, profit and loss balance sheet, salary costs, fuel costs or other important information for a business owner
  • Possibility to communicate with accounting office staff
  • Calendar of events – a reminder of events added by the office employees, by the client himself, such as payment deadlines for tax liabilities, dates of fixed meetings with the client, or office holidays
  • Knowledge base in the field of tax law, labour law, insurance, etc.

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